TOWN HALL MEETING 10AM, Monday, November 20th

Dear Families of PS/IS102Q,

I was made aware that The Daily News published a news article around noon citing that two of our students were taken by the police after making a school threat to injure other students.

We found a notebook two weeks ago with highly questionable content. Our School Climate Team members immediately jumped into action and we were able to identify the authors. Guided by our school’s Threat Assessment Protocol, we quickly gathered extensive information relating to these students and then shared them with the Police Department. Officials then determined that there were no credible threat.

The central inquiry for school threat assessment is whether a student posed a threat, not whether they made a threat. A threat made by a 10 year old and the exact same threat made by a military-trained, armed individual carry vastly different significance, and the response to each will not be the same. Should we determine that there is even hint of potential danger to our students, our school will immediately contact families and engage in the appropriate actions.

Student safety and clear communication to families are core values of 102, and we plan on speaking with our families in greater detail the first moment we are able to. We invite all families to join us for a special Town Hall Meeting at 10AM Monday, November 20th.

I look forward to sharing with you findings that I am sure will reduce any lingering stress or anxiety.

Should you have any immediate concerns, please email me at and I will do my best to address them.



William Ko. Principal