Respect For All at 102


Getting great scores on the state exam is important, but it cannot come at the expense of children feeling anxious, lonely, or worst, unsafe. 102 is committed to helping students develop both the academic (math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, etc.) as well as socio-emotional (emotional intelligence, self-regulation, pro-social behavior, etc.) skills we all need to succeed.

A key goal at 102 is that every single student at 102 will have at least 1 adult they know they can always go to for guidance and support. These could be any of our caring teachers, administrators, social workers, school aides, or secretaries. Most often it is the our guidance counselors who assume the responsibilities of helping students navigate both their academic and social lives. If parents suspect that their children may need additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact our guidance department.

All students feeling respected isn’t just a wish at 102, it is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Call 718-446-3308 and use the extensions below:

PreK-2: Ms. Arduini @ Extension 3042

Grades 3-5: Ms. Babakitis @ Extension 3043

Grades 6-8″ Ms. Pearlman @ Extension 3151