Social Media

P.S./I.S. 102Q now has a Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo account.  These accounts are in the testing phase as of June 2014, but will be fully integrated into the school year come September 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is P.S./I.S. 102Q using Social Media?

A: P.S./I.S. 102Q has a goal to stay current with today’s families.  The use of Social Media gives the school another avenue to share information with parents, students, and staff.  We also want to demonstrate responsible Social Media behaviors for the student population.

Q: What will be posted on the Twitter and Instagram accounts?

When you, the parent, fill out the “Photo Consent” form in the beginning of the year, you are giving permission to the school to use your child’s likeness for school event purposes.  Students will not have access to the accounts in school and cannot use our accounts to post any photos or information about your child.  P.S./I.S. 102Q will not share any personal information about your child.  We will post pictures and/or video from school wide events (i.e., school plays, concerts, sporting events, field trips, school events, parent events, etc.).

Q: If my child or I “follow” the accounts, will the school “follow” back?

A: No.  The purpose of our Social Media is to distribute information from the school and from NYCDOE.  This is not a tool for teacher-to-student or parent-to-teacher contact.  If you want to reach your child’s teacher you can email the teacher on their NYCDOE email account (found in the Faculty Directory).  Many of our teachers use Edmodo accounts, which you have access to.  Everything concerning these accounts are 100% transparent.  The school only follows agencies and programs that can assist our school community.

Q: Who moderates the multiple accounts?

A: A select team of administrators and teachers have access to the accounts.  All information will be cleared by the P.S./I.S. 102Q Administration before it is shared with the 102 community.

Q: How does the school deal with Social Media abuses?

A: The accounts have very easy to use “blocking” methods.  Cyber-bullying and inappropriate Internet behaviors are covered in the NYC Discipline Code.

Q: Are you using Facebook?

A: No.  Facebook, while a strong outlet for sharing information, will take more time to manage and moderate.  At this time P.S./I.S. 102Q will not be creating a Facebook account.  Any accounts on Facebook claiming to be part of P.S./I.S. 102Q are not true.  They do not have any connection with the school and they do not speak on behalf of our school.

Q: I’m still not sure if I want my child’s photo posted via these accounts, can I opt my child out of this?

A: Yes.  We do not want families to feel obligated to be part of any social media.  We respect your need for privacy and the control you want for your child’s Internet presence.  If you do not want your child in the photos that are posted, please email your child’s teacher or send a signed letter to your child’s teacher.  We will accommodate your request.  You can opt out or opt in at anytime during the school year.

Q: Do you know all of your “followers” on the Twitter and Instagram accounts?

A: No.  On a school level we will “follow” NYC verified departments.  A “verified” account is one that has a blue circle with a white check in it and it a legitimate account that speaks for that department.  P.S./I.S. 102Q takes no responsibility for what they post, favorite, or retweet.  If we feel that something posted by a “follower” is inappropriate, we will “unfollow” that account.  We also will monitor who “follows” us, but we take no responsibility for what they post.  Again, we will moderate the accounts on a daily basis and respond to posts as they come.  We respect the 1st Amendment Rights of all people, but we do have a Code of Conduct that we will follow.

We hope you use these media outlets to be part of our school community.  If you have any ideas on how to further integrate Social Media into the school day, you can email Mr. Borelli at