Sixth graders compare the novel, Wonder, to the movie adaptation

Students working in their character focus groups comparing how their character was portrayed in the novel, Wonder, in comparison to the movie.

As February commences, some classes will be completing their essays on the novel, Wonder.  Then, we will be moving back to Scholastic Common Core Code X.  Students will begin Unit 2: Live Your Dream.  Throughout this unit students will be reading two excerpts, a biography and a memoir.  Both texts will convey the youthful dreams and trials of two famous individuals.  In his own biography The Life You Imagine, Yankee great Derek Jeter discusses having a very unrealistic goal as a child, and explains what he did to accomplish that goal.  The second text, a memoir Dreams From My Father, Barack Obama bares how the challenge to identify with his father began his own pursuit for the meaning to life.  Some strategies students will focus on are colloquial language, questioning, key ideas and details, text structure, and temporal shift.  Students will reflect on the essential question: What does a dream reveal about the dreamer?