Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework provides a meaningful extension of the day’s lesson or preparation for planned activities.  Assignments are carefully planned to provide higher-level thinking skills.

Homework is assigned daily, Monday through Thursday.  Teachers will use discretion when assigning work on weekends and during vacations.

The commonly agreed upon policy is that homework time on task should increase by ten minutes each year:

Homework is checked daily by the teacher.

Students must begin homework assignments with a proper school heading when appropriate.  Work must be neatly and carefully completed.

Parents should match assignments to completed work each night and sign homework.

Students should read or be “read to” for pleasure at home each day.

Many Middle School teachers use Edmodo to post daily homework
assignments.  Please have your child show you this website once the Parent Consent Form is signed and returned to your child’s teacher.

Parents will be notified promptly via phone or letter of
failure to complete homework assignments.