Ms. Gloria Chao, (Foreign Language: Mandarin)

Interview with Ms. Gloria Chao by Ivan Huang, 8-413

What do you do in your free time?

When I am free, I like to do both indoor and outdoor activities. I like traveling a lot, visiting museums, trying different food, and shopping. At home, I like cooking, playing piano, singing karaoke, reading, and watching movies (from Red Box). I also like hiking in the spring and fall, swimming in the summer, and skiing in the winter.

If you weren’t a Mandarin teacher, what else would you be?

Besides being a Mandarin teacher, I would like to be a bilingual teacher as well, teaching in the Mandarin immersion classroom to help students to be fluent in different subjects and all kind of topics.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

My career had started as a nutritionist in the hospital for 3 years and after that I worked for the Kaohsiung (in South Taiwan) Chamber of Commerce as the Branch Chef’s secretary for 2 years. I did this work until I had a chance to teach an English enrichment program to elementary school students after work. I found myself enjoying teaching and working with students. That’s how I started my teaching career. Then I increased my work hours from part time to full time. I eventually left my job to study for my master’s degree in education in the state and became a professional educator.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

In the future I see myself studying for a PhD degree and become an experienced teacher. Also, I have always had this dream to move from country to country to see and experience different cultures, eat authentic cuisine, and meet different people after my children grow up. If Mandarin is still a popular language, I would like to be a traveling teacher. I would like to teach Mandarin in colleges around the world.

What are some things you do to overcome stress?

First, I plan ahead to make sure I am following the steps to finish my work, especially a huge project. I do not put all the work together until the last minute. Second, I make sure to have a healthy and balanced life, sleep at least 7 hours, eat various vegetables and fruits daily, and exercise at least 3 times a week. Last, I do not only spend time with my family, but I also make sure to reserve my alone time. I love to get massages, go shopping, or even just get a cup of coffee to be by myself.