Class of 2016 Graduation Slideshow

Thanks to the peerless creative talents of Ms. Zecca, we are able to relive the 9 years of growth and amazing memories of our 2016 graduates in a touching 14-minute presentations. Happy summer and we’ll miss our seniors dearly.

Click play below (and have those tissues ready).

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102 Goes to the Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo Field Trip Picture

The students in 7th grade (classes 7-303, 305, 403, and 407) had a wonderful time on Thursday, May 26th, at the Bronx Zoo. Despite the heat and the crowds, the students enjoyed being outdoors and observing all the different animal species on display. They got a chance to see incredible animals like gorillas, lions, bears, and rhinoceroses. They did a great job recording their observations of the animals they saw and considering how, because of evolution, those animals are well-adapted for their environments.

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams + Plan, Plan, Plan = Huge Success for The 102 SLT Carnival


102’s School Leadership Team (SLT) put together an incredible carnival for our families last week, demonstrating yet again the level of talent and commitment we have in our building. The bounce house crew members kept telling us it was one of the best carnivals they’ve ever worked in, and they were shocked that it was only our first carnival.

The reason why things went without a hitch is because every one of our members put students first and did whatever the situation called for. If you enjoyed the event, please make sure to thank the people who made it happen when you see them!


Imelda Saibuddhabun

Alejandra Singh
Elizabeth Wolff
Nancy Umana
Matt Borelli
Cathy Mule
Rebecca Mintiens
Jess Beltran
Sharon DelVecchio
Melissa Chiofalo
Katie Rafferty
Marissa Bourquin
Tracey Chen
Kris Babakitis
Betsey Khatibi
Brenda Hughes
Arlene Artinian
Tracy Listl
Roseannn Devito
Nicole Connolly
Rich Bianculli
Pete Gebhardt
Jason Lubin
Phylisstine Allen
Natalie Duque
Fernanda Velastequi
Dina Maritn
Diana Gagliardotto
Sara Cohen
Yanil Rodriguez
Allie Cervinaro
Katelyn Ranzie
Pamela Yeznach
Mona Chin
Marybeth Meenan
Mary ODonnell
Jodie Tien



102 Carnival On May 21st


Amazing PhotoShop skills not included.


Get ready!

102 will host its first ever carnival on Saturday, May 21st and all PreK through 4th grade families are invited. The event will go from 9AM to 1PM, with bounce houses, slides, and games for students to enjoy. There will also be free popcorn and cotton candy, and other refreshments will be available for sale as well.

This is a great opportunity to get to know other families and staff at the school, and we are hoping everyone can enjoy a fun, safe, and relaxing Saturday.

More information will be provided to families in the coming weeks…stay tuned!