Gaffan’s (Student) Council

Mrs. Gaffan has been working tirelessly all year with out Middle School Student Council to make students more socially aware of what they can do to improve the quality of life of people in our neighborhood, as well as globally. Beginning in October, the student council has run numerous fundraising activities starting with Treats for Troops and most recently with Pennies for Patients. The students have learned valuable lessons about how far their help has gone to help others. This is just a small sample of the amazing hearts that all of the students at PS/IS 102.

1st Grade Holiday Special at 102: The Gingerbread Rules

The 1st grade team–Ms. Foley, Ms. Adams, Ms. Monteleone, Ms. Wyckoff, Ms. Chin, and Ms. Soe–had every one of our students, all wearing awesome pjs, making awesome gingerbread cookies as we count down to the holidays. We’re not sure how close this is to the world record for number of gingerbread cookies made by 1st grade students wearing pajamas in a cafeteria, but I’m sure we’re pretty close to the top. No matter what, 102 cookies equal at least 102 smiles, and that’s good enough for us. Thank you, first grade!

2016-2017 102 Eagles Basketball Game Schedule

Eagles Basketball Home Games: 

Date: Opponent: Time: Date:
1/6/17 IS 73Q (Varsity) 4:00PM 1/13/17 All Day *Scheduled by PA
1/13/17 304Q CS (Girls) 4:00PM
1/20/17 IS 61Q (JV) 4:00PM
1/23/17 IS 230Q (Girls) 4:15PM 
1/30/17 185? (JV) 4:15PM
2/3/17 IS 61Q (Varsity) 4:00PM 
2/6/17 192? (JV) 4:15PM 
2/10/17 705K CS (Girls) 4:00PM
2/13/17 311K (Varsity) 4:15PM

We Wish You Well, Class of 2016


Principal Ko here.

It’s been grand, class of 2016. You all turned out to be everything I had hoped for and then some. You will always be my first graduation class, my first love, and there will always be a special place for you in my heart. Here’s the graduation song I wrote you for graduation, now finally recorded on a minutes notice by the fearless talents of class 411–Jean Michael Suarez, Gabriel Rueda, Rafael Cruz, Tanjim Islam, Daniela Hernandez, and Tracy Zhuo.

It’s all really just a whole lot of words and beating around the bush to say, “I think you’re really cool and I love you.”

Go far, and come back.



Wish You Well

Walking down on Van Horn, feeling like a newborn

Thinking what might, whether wrong or right

Where you pick your own route on the street, on the street

No more chance to stall, in the driver’s seat

And then you smile that grin, when you try to pretend

Teenage mask for your fears–that phantom confidence

You don’t know what but you just know when

Exhale those stale breaths, the heir of your air


You wanna run today, run today, just get on with your life where you choose your fate

And do what you want it’s always either fight or flight

Strip your heart bare, what feels right–is your light

Don’t get caught in your room, a digital shell, fighting all alone, with yourself, with yourself

Find out what’s real like a coin that’s been tossed

And we wish you well, we wish you well, and it’s easy to tell, and it’s easy to tell

As you’re tossed in the air and you fell and you fell

And from our hearts we wager and all our hopes propel

We know you’re all a wish that just turned out well


So you stand on the corner, stomach full of pits

And you think to yourself, 

“This is it, is this it?

This is all that I have, I am what I am

No fraud no refund, my case is ripped open”

You toss yourself in the air and we tell as you fell

“Hope is your only consent, listen well, listen well”

Like those soft little secrets, that you tell, that you tell

To yourself when you think no one’s listening too well


Don’t want to fit in and let your wishes begin

No one else can revoke, licensed to believe again

Furrow your brows, there’s a world to beat, open those ears to that noise–heart’s hopeful beats

Go sprint so far and wide, you’ll scream, you’ll cry, “love never dies” was never quite a lie

But you were always a mess, you were always a goof, yeah, it’s always the truth

But it’s all 1-0-2: It was true from the first to the last words that you said


And you emerged from the dark, a beam above our heads

You said, “I haven’t forgotten any words that you said, I will do what is right

and this is a promise I’ll always keep and the world I’ll make better

So don’t toss in your sleep, I take your hope’s Ashey

Burning glow into the ground where we fell”


(Adapted from Wishing Well, The Airborne Toxic Event)