Staff Spotlight: Ms. Zwillick


DSC_0120Staff Spotlight is a column written by our students to allow the 102 community to better know our staff. Our first ever Staff Spotlight features Mrs. Zwillick and is written by Laura Umana of class 8-409. Enjoy!

(Photo by Samantha Torres)

Laura- “ What is SETTS, and how does SETSS benefit students?”

Ms. Zwillick- “Setss is a federal service provided to students who have a disability. It is a mandated service that is put onto their IEP: Individual Education Plan. Basically what we do is help students succeed in their general-ed classroom.”

Laura-  “What does SETSS provide for students?”

Ms. Zwillick- “What is provided? With this program I work closely with the teacher to find out what they are teaching in the classroom, and then I will differentiate instruction to meet the needs of the students that I teach. When you talk about differentiate, I will provide them with an easier read, I will break down the task more. We might do an essay in steps, instead of in the classroom where they just have to write the essay in one period. We’ll break down math word problems so it helps the student understand the info in the classroom better.”

Laura- “What can parents do to support their children at home?”

Ms.Zwillick-   “Read out loud to them read, and with them. Have the students describe what their reading. In terms of math, provide them with the support and work out the problem with them…also giving them positive encouragement. 

Laura- “Describe your teaching style in 5 adjectives.

Ms. Zwillick-

  1. Respectful- Honestly, I think in order to gain respect respect in the world you have to be respectful, it’s a golden rule to treat others how you want to be treated, that’s a big thing.
  2. Creative- This is taking what the teachers are doing and modifying it to fit the needs of my students, whether it be the visuals or something that is hands on. 
  3. Encouraging- A lot of my students think they can’t do something or they are unable to do something, so I always try to give them positive words and reinforcement to tell them they can do it. I want to make it positive, instead of negative for them.
  4. Realistic- This is to connect what being taught in class with real life experiences in the future.
  5. Modifying: This is breaking down steps of assignments to help the student become more successful. 

Thank you Laura and Ms. Zwillick! Students: If you are interested in interviewing and writing about your wonderful teacher(s) or any of our staff, please contact me or your assistant principals and we can assist you further.