Halloween Saftey

Dear Parents and Guardians:
Wednesday, October 31,2012 is Halloween. Traditionally, Halloween is a time of fun and excitement.  However, we need to take precautions to have a safe Halloween experience. Below I have listed some helpful guidelines as children go out Trick or Treating.
Happy Halloween!
1. Go Trick or Treating in a group with a responsible adult.
2. Wear a costume that is fireproof and can be seen when it is dark
3. Do not eat any unwrapped candy or fruit .
4. Parents should inspect all treats before permitting children to eat them
5. Only go Trick or Treating to friends and neighbors. Don’t knock on strangers doors
6. Do not go Trick or Treating late in the evening.
7. Do not play any tricks that can hurt anyone or that can damage or deface property

Thank you for your cooperation.


Anthony Pisacano

Response To Intervention (RTI) Services

Dear Parents/Guardians
The purpose of this letter is to give you a general description of the services that are available to our Response To Intervention students. These are children who are performing below grade level.

For our lowest performing students (level 1) we offer RTI services in reading, RTI writing and/ or math during the day, a minimum of five times a week. The RIT teacher pushes into the classroom and provides small group instruction to these students. For students that are functioning on a low level 2, the Early Morning Program is available. The days are Monday through Wednesday for 371/2 minutes. The group size consists of no more than ten children. During this time the teacher concentrates on reading, writing and math to help strengthen your child’s skills.

Lastly, twice a week, an after-school program for students that are a high level 2. The goal is to push the children to a level 3 which would put them on grade level. Please remember that a student receives these additional services based on class performance, test results and teacher recommendation.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your child’s service provider.

Anthony Pisacano

Science Fair Resource Guide

A Science Fair resources page has been added to PS102q.org.  Please hit the students tab at the top of the screen for a link or click here.  This page will help both students and parents do a great job on this year’s science fair projects.

Emergency preparedness protocols

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Emergency preparedness protocols have changed dramatically this year. As you know we conduct fire drills (evacuation drills) and shelter drills throughout the school year. However, we are now required to conduct “lockdown” drills and “shelter-in” drills.

Fire drills use a fire alarm system to alert the school community, however the two new drills (lockdown, shelter-in) use our schools public address system to alert the community. I or my designee will state: “Attention: we are now in lockdown” or “Attention: this is a shelter-in. Secure all exit doors.” Each of these will be repeated two times.

Our teachers will be conducting lessons with students on procedures they must follow in the event of a lockdown or shelter-in. In addition to the twelve mandated fire drills that must be conducted we must also conduct two lockdown drills, two shelter-in drills and two evacuation drills, which will necessitate walking students to our primary evacuation sites.

I am informing you of these drills so you are aware of them and their implications. In the event that your child comes home from school and tells you we were in “lockdown” or “shelter-in” you will know what these drills are about.

I am asking you to speak to your child about the seriousness of these drills, to stay calm and listen carefully and follow teacher instructions.

In the event of a true emergency our Building Response Team will follow all protocols and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety. General Response Protocols have been well established and our staff trained for such emergencies.

Please make it a point to attend the next Parents’ Association meeting on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 9:00 AM in the school cafeteria. We will be providing the parent community more in depth information regarding these drills and protocols. We will also be able to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Attached is a list of evacuation location sites for our children in case of an emergency. You will be notified in the event that we have to move any students to these locations.


Anthony Pisacano