102 KNOW: JAN 2017


1st Grade Holiday Special at 102: The Gingerbread Rules

The 1st grade team–Ms. Foley, Ms. Adams, Ms. Monteleone, Ms. Wyckoff, Ms. Chin, and Ms. Soe–had every one of our students, all wearing awesome pjs, making awesome gingerbread cookies as we count down to the holidays. We’re not sure how close this is to the world record for number of gingerbread cookies made by 1st grade students wearing pajamas in a cafeteria, but I’m sure we’re pretty close to the top. No matter what, 102 cookies equal at least 102 smiles, and that’s good enough for us. Thank you, first grade!

102 Experts Museum: Where Teaching is Learning


After enjoying Ms. Kaplan’s 4th grade experts present the research they have each done as a reading projects, class 2-226 took it upon themselves to pay it forward and invited Ms. Monteleone and Ms. Wyckoff’s 1st grade students to learn about the research they have done: on animals.

It’s exciting news to see students as young as 2nd grade think for themselves and care for others. Now imagine if these 1st grade students can somehow find even younger students to pay forward…Stay tuned!


102 Parents Get Together to Support Families of All Languages

ENL Family Support

This week bilingual parents of many languages–Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Burmese, Fukinese, to name a few–got together with Principal Ko, ENL coordinator Ms. Bagni, and Guidance Counselor Jessica Pearlman to launch a new initiative to empower 102 families who are new to the English language.

After some discussion, these are the ways we believe the new ENL (English as a New Language) Support Group can help:

Each of the major languages represented at 102 will have at least one parent advocate who will for families speaking their native language:

-Provide information as well as ask questions to school on behalf of the family

-Connect parents and students to the appropriate resource and personnel at school

-Share their experiences to help families adjust

-Translate documents

-Interpret for parents at school events

All parents want the best for their children, but a language barrier makes it much harder for some to do so. This new support group is committed to use their bilingual abilities to help other parents, and make even stronger connections between everyone at 102. 102 is a wonderful school because we are a community and we care.

A memo identifying the parent advocates will be sent home soon.


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