2015-2016 OFFICIAL School Quality Report: 102 is Now EXCELLENT

To help families understand the quality of education their schools are delivering, each year the NYC Department of Education publishes for all school a School Quality Report that includes ratings for different categories as well as information such as student state exam results. So what does this year’s report say about 102?

We are now rated as “EXCELLENT”, the highest possible rating and one that is awarded to just a few schools across the city. Our rating last year was “GOOD”, and to see such improvement in just one year bears testament to the kinds of families and staff we have in this community. Going form GOOD to GREAT is often the hardest improvement a school can make, and we should all be very proud of doing our part in this achievement. The challenge now is to preserve this prestigious rating for years to come, and as long as we remain unsatisfied and keep improving every year, there’s no reason we can’t. 

Excellence came to Elmhurst and it’s here to stay.

Some other notable information in the School Quality

-Our rating for STRONG FAMILY-COMMUNITY TIES improved from “FAIR” to “GOOD

-Our students test result went UP around 7% for both ELA and MATH

-Our English language learners and special education students both made “EXCELLENT” progress when compared to all other schools

See the full report here.

(Last year’s report)


102 KNOW: JAN 2017


1st Grade Holiday Special at 102: The Gingerbread Rules

The 1st grade team–Ms. Foley, Ms. Adams, Ms. Monteleone, Ms. Wyckoff, Ms. Chin, and Ms. Soe–had every one of our students, all wearing awesome pjs, making awesome gingerbread cookies as we count down to the holidays. We’re not sure how close this is to the world record for number of gingerbread cookies made by 1st grade students wearing pajamas in a cafeteria, but I’m sure we’re pretty close to the top. No matter what, 102 cookies equal at least 102 smiles, and that’s good enough for us. Thank you, first grade!

102 Experts Museum: Where Teaching is Learning


After enjoying Ms. Kaplan’s 4th grade experts present the research they have each done as a reading projects, class 2-226 took it upon themselves to pay it forward and invited Ms. Monteleone and Ms. Wyckoff’s 1st grade students to learn about the research they have done: on animals.

It’s exciting news to see students as young as 2nd grade think for themselves and care for others. Now imagine if these 1st grade students can somehow find even younger students to pay forward…Stay tuned!


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