CARNIVAL and Family Fitness Fun Night









The 102 staff did an incredible job last year organizing our first-ever carnival, and parents have been requesting a repeat this year. We hear you and we are planning to host a carnival on June 3rd, 2017. Our esteemed STEM coach Ms. Beltran will once again partner with the District’s best art teacher Ms. O’Donnell to plan the details. They are incredible, and so will be the carnival. Be ready.


On Tuesday, March 21st PS 102 will be holding its inaugural Family Fun Fitness Night. The night is for students in grades 3-5. They need to bring a guardian, 18 or older, to join them from 4:30-6:30PM in the gym. The night will include a smoothie station, Zumba, martial arts, an obstacle course, and more. This is a great chance to have fun and participate in fitness and wellness activities with your child.

The First-Ever 102 Soccer Team

Samantha Torres, Felix Alvarez, Melissa Builles. Aldrin Belisha, Enzo Sangio, Robin Sebastian, Joshua Triana , Eric Sanchez, Youssef Khallouf, Andrei Ionescu, Aaron Custudo, Faris Elhebany Moncho Ambida , Cindy Lo, Lesly Lima, Arlisha Li, Ryan Li, Nicholas Carrasco, Kevin Torres Maurice Farfan, Randy Carrasco

COACHES: Ms.McCabe, Mr. McManus

Canadian Tactical Director: Mr. Vyas



Guayaquil. Fujian. Lahore. Manila. Guandalajara. The Bronx. No matter where our families come from, they all feel at home at 102 because of one commonality: a hope for the future so great that they’d risk everything to be here to prepare their children for it.

From Socio-emotional development to blended instruction to experiential learning, 102 has everything you’d expect from an excellent school. But programs and test scores are merely by-products of our relentless pursuit to love and to care. Driven by love, there are no bounds to what we can do.

We achieve, because we love.

A Week of Celebrations

What a week of celebrations! Last week many classes celebrated the kick off to Chinese New Year including making masks, sharing Chinese stories, eating cultural foods, and a Pre-K parade! Students in first and second grade celebrated the end of their respective literacy units by sharing their writing pieces and practicing their new found fluency with other classes. This class co-mingling was so nice to see and the students were really excited. Classes are excited to be starting new units this coming week, as we work with Teachers College the next 3 Fridays.

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