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2013-2014 Half-Day Schedules

The Half-Day Schedules for Monday & Tuesday are as follows:

Grades K-2 Dismissal: 11:25AM          Lunch for K-2: 10:30AM-10:50AM

Grades 3-5 Dismissal: 11:30AM          Lunch for 3-5: 10:55AM-11:15AM

Grades 6-8 Dismissal: 11:40AM          Lunch for 6-8: 11:20AM-11:40AM

The Half-Day Schedules for Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday are as follows:

Grades K-2 Dismissal: 10:50AM          Lunch for K-2: 10:00AM-10:20AM

Grades 3-5 Dismissal: 11:00AM          Lunch for 3-5: 10:25AM-10:45AM

Grades 6-8 Dismissal: 11:10AM           Lunch for 6-8: 10:50AM-11:10AM

Fostering Parent Leadership for Student Success


To Download the flyer click here.

The 2014-2015 School Calendar

to the 102Q Parents and Guardians:

The 2014-2015 School Calendar has been posted on the NYC DOE homepage.  Please remember that these dates are the dates that all NYC Public Schools will be closed.  These dates do not include NYS Testing Dates, School-Wide Celebrations, Parents’ Association Meetings, and similar events.  P.S./I.S. 102 will send out notices next year for all events.

In September 2014, all P.S./I.S. 102Q families will be given a 2014-2015 Parent/Student Handbook/Calendar that will have the School-Wide events in place. *All event dates are subject to change.

As always, the school website is your best source of the most current school-wide dates and events.


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