November 2017 Students of the Month, Grades 3-5

​Grade 3: Brandon Liu, Benson Xie, Wulan Kartiwa, Mary Natindim & Andres Solorzano
Grade 4: David Lee, Ruiqi (Vicky) He, Fu Chen, Ayesha Patel, Joseph Torres & Mingkai Chen
Grade 5: Ava Lee, Iris Martinez, Sanya Merchant, Vincent Zheng & Valerie Budiman

A Week of Celebrations

What a week of celebrations! Last week many classes celebrated the kick off to Chinese New Year including making masks, sharing Chinese stories, eating cultural foods, and a Pre-K parade! Students in first and second grade celebrated the end of their respective literacy units by sharing their writing pieces and practicing their new found fluency with other classes. This class co-mingling was so nice to see and the students were really excited. Classes are excited to be starting new units this coming week, as we work with Teachers College the next 3 Fridays.

1st Grade Holiday Special at 102: The Gingerbread Rules

The 1st grade team–Ms. Foley, Ms. Adams, Ms. Monteleone, Ms. Wyckoff, Ms. Chin, and Ms. Soe–had every one of our students, all wearing awesome pjs, making awesome gingerbread cookies as we count down to the holidays. We’re not sure how close this is to the world record for number of gingerbread cookies made by 1st grade students wearing pajamas in a cafeteria, but I’m sure we’re pretty close to the top. No matter what, 102 cookies equal at least 102 smiles, and that’s good enough for us. Thank you, first grade!

102 Experts Museum: Where Teaching is Learning


After enjoying Ms. Kaplan’s 4th grade experts present the research they have each done as a reading projects, class 2-226 took it upon themselves to pay it forward and invited Ms. Monteleone and Ms. Wyckoff’s 1st grade students to learn about the research they have done: on animals.

It’s exciting news to see students as young as 2nd grade think for themselves and care for others. Now imagine if these 1st grade students can somehow find even younger students to pay forward…Stay tuned!