102 Will Stand By All of Our Students and Families

Dear Parents and Guardians,

New York City’s School Chancellor Carmen Farina’s statement in reaffirming the Department of Educations commitment to all of our families, regardless of immigration status, is one I fully support as a school principal, as an American citizen, and as someone who remembers spending much of his time in American schools as a Green Card holder. From having a visa as a toddler to having a green card in elementary and finally getting citizenship in high school, my teachers always made sure that I knew I was home. They made sure that I knew I belonged.

Everything I have and everything I will do I owe them and their American belief that compassion and morals matter. And I thank them and our country everyday when I do the same for your child, and this I will never stop. I will always protect our students and families from unlawful and unconstitutional harm, with or without a statement from our Chancellor.

For our families who are affected by the new travel ban, please know that I will make every attempt to support you during these difficult times. I understand your pain and I’m here to shoulder them with you. My entire life I was half a world away from a father I love deeply, and being able to see him every summer made all the difference then, and even now.  That’s what love does; it stays when everything else goes away.

We don’t get to choose where we were born but we can choose the values we live each day. And I say to all of our families that I choose you, just as all the great American teachers I had who never wavered in choosing me.


William Ko, Principal               

當我將紐約市區總乡长Carmen Farina和紐約市一名移民事務專員Nisha Agarwal的聯合聲明拿回家,心中感到一陣釋然。在他倆的聲明裏重申了他們對新移民居留身份的關注和支持。即是說,無論你現在身份是什麼,都會得到一視同仁的對待。






Me siento aliviado al enviar a su casa la carta adjunta de la Canciller de la Ciudad de Nueva York, Carmen Farina, y Nisha Agarwal, la Comisionada de la Oficina de Asuntos Inmigrantes del Alcalde de la Ciudad de Nueva York. Su declaración conjunta en la reafirmación de nuestro compromiso con todas nuestras familias, independientemente de su estatus migratorio, es una de las que apoyo plenamente como un director, como un ser humano, como un ciudadano estadounidense y como alguien que recuerda pasar gran parte de su infancia y carrera escolar, como titular de una Tarjeta Verde. De tener una visa como un niño pequeño a tener una tarjeta verde en la escuela primaria y finalmente obtener la ciudadanía en la escuela secundaria, mis maestros siempre se aseguraron de que me sentía como estuviera en casa. Se aseguraron de que yo sabía que pertenecía.

Todo lo que tengo y todo lo que haré les debo a ellos y a su creencia americana de que la compasión y la moral importan más que nada. Y les doy las gracias a ellos y a nuestro país todos los días cuando hago lo mismo por su hijo, y esto nunca me detendré. Siempre protegeré a nuestros estudiantes y familias de daños ilegales e inconstitucionales, con o sin una declaración de nuestro Canciller.

Para nuestras familias que han sido afectadas por la nueva prohibición de viajar, por favor sepan que haré todo lo posible para apoyarlos durante estos tiempos difíciles. Conozco su dolor y estoy aquí para compartirlos con usted. Mi padre nunca vivió en América, y poder verlo cada verano en Hong Kong desde que era un niño hizo toda la diferencia en mi vida.

No podemos elegir dónde nacimos, pero podemos elegir los valores que vivimos cada día. Y le digo a todas nuestras familias que te elijo, al igual que todos los grandes maestros americanos que nunca vacilaron al elegirme.

William Ko, Principal



102 for Leukemia: DONATE NOW

Our school is registered to support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Series’ Pennies for Patients for a second year during the month of January. Thanks to you, last year we were incredibly successful by doubling our goal and becoming a top 10 fundraising school in New York City! The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society received 3 out of 4 stars for financial accountability and 73% of donated funds go directly towards research and to families in need. Schools and students collect money to help find cures for blood cancer patients. Through P.S./I.S.102’s own webpage along with coin collections, friends and family, near and far, can help increase the number of donations they can collect. But some help from an adult will be needed to make the donations online. You can either make a donation to your son/daughter’s teacher classroom page or make it anonymous. The link to our fundraising page this year is


By making donations, students will help people touched by blood cancers. In the 1960s the survival rate for the most common form of childhood leukemia was 3%. Today it’s approximately 90% thanks to many research advances funded by LLS. With the help of programs like this one, LLS has invested more than $1 billion in research to advance therapies that save lives. That includes more than $287,000 from New York City. Thanks to you and your child in advance for helping LLS create a world without blood cancers!

Thank you!



Our 102 +Program is an Enrichment program offered to students who wish to improve their ELA and Math skills. This academic program is offered before school from 7:15-8:15 on Wednesday and Thursday and is taught by our own highly qualified staff. We currently offer the program to students in or 2nd-7th grade. Your child will receive one hour of specifically targeted math instruction and one hour of specifically targeted English instruction. Our teachers not only use books designed for this type of intervention, but online resources such as Khan Academy, Lexia and Achieve3000. If you are interested in signing your child up for this program, please contact Ms. Rose Pimentel at 718-446-3308 ext 1331. Seats will be served on a first come, first serve basis and if already filled, your child will be added to our waiting list.

In addition to our 102 + Enrichment program, P.S./I.S. 102 offers many after school extra curricular activities.
These seats will also be filled on a first come, first serve basis, but we will offer the programs on a cyclical basis. If your child does not get a seat in one round, his or her name will be added to a waiting list to be accepted for the following cycle.
Programs include:

Games 4 Change: Socially-conscious Video Game Design
Zumba with Ms. O’Donnell (Grades 3 -5, Cycle 2 only to begin on March 1)
Chorus with Mr. Boeckmann (to begin on January 25)
Soccer (to begin on March ) after the basketball season
Global Crisis with Ms. Theodorou (Grades 3-5, Cycle 2 to begin on March 1)


Parents4Parents: Be a Representative for Other Parents in Your Child’s Class/Grade

With more than 1,300 students and families, and almost 200 staff members, 102 is always going to be busy with activities and events. The more a school is willing to do for its students, the harder it is to keep all parents informed and engaged.

Our Parent’s Association team is absolutely incredible: they volunteer, the help, the make decisions, they answer questions–there’s little they wouldn’t do for the benefit of all of our students. Their jobs are hard enough if they were full-time employees, and we can’t thank them enough for doing so much as volunteers. To help them engage even more parents, we are asking for 1 parent from each class–and at least 1 per grade–to represent other parents as their representative so that they can be their voice.

These class “parents” will meet with myself, the principal, once a month to get information, ask questions, and help relay whatever concerns other parents in their class/grades may have. These meetings do not have to be in the morning, and are very causal events where the school can get to mingle with its families.  Class parents will also vote on behalf of other parents by voting on items such as how we spend our TITLE I funds.

Our Parent Coordinator Ms. Pimentel will be sending home a letter with more information. Don’t hesitate to join or ask for more information! 

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