Our 102 +Program is an Enrichment program offered to students who wish to improve their ELA and Math skills. This academic program is offered before school from 7:15-8:15 on Wednesday and Thursday and is taught by our own highly qualified staff. We currently offer the program to students in or 2nd-7th grade. Your child will receive one hour of specifically targeted math instruction and one hour of specifically targeted English instruction. Our teachers not only use books designed for this type of intervention, but online resources such as Khan Academy, Lexia and Achieve3000. If you are interested in signing your child up for this program, please contact Ms. Rose Pimentel at 718-446-3308 ext 1331. Seats will be served on a first come, first serve basis and if already filled, your child will be added to our waiting list.

In addition to our 102 + Enrichment program, P.S./I.S. 102 offers many after school extra curricular activities.
These seats will also be filled on a first come, first serve basis, but we will offer the programs on a cyclical basis. If your child does not get a seat in one round, his or her name will be added to a waiting list to be accepted for the following cycle.
Programs include:

Games 4 Change: Socially-conscious Video Game Design
Zumba with Ms. O’Donnell (Grades 3 -5, Cycle 2 only to begin on March 1)
Chorus with Mr. Boeckmann (to begin on January 25)
Soccer (to begin on March ) after the basketball season
Global Crisis with Ms. Theodorou (Grades 3-5, Cycle 2 to begin on March 1)


Parents4Parents: Be a Representative for Other Parents in Your Child’s Class/Grade

With more than 1,300 students and families, and almost 200 staff members, 102 is always going to be busy with activities and events. The more a school is willing to do for its students, the harder it is to keep all parents informed and engaged.

Our Parent’s Association team is absolutely incredible: they volunteer, the help, the make decisions, they answer questions–there’s little they wouldn’t do for the benefit of all of our students. Their jobs are hard enough if they were full-time employees, and we can’t thank them enough for doing so much as volunteers. To help them engage even more parents, we are asking for 1 parent from each class–and at least 1 per grade–to represent other parents as their representative so that they can be their voice.

These class “parents” will meet with myself, the principal, once a month to get information, ask questions, and help relay whatever concerns other parents in their class/grades may have. These meetings do not have to be in the morning, and are very causal events where the school can get to mingle with its families.  Class parents will also vote on behalf of other parents by voting on items such as how we spend our TITLE I funds.

Our Parent Coordinator Ms. Pimentel will be sending home a letter with more information. Don’t hesitate to join or ask for more information! 

2015-2016 OFFICIAL School Quality Report: 102 is Now EXCELLENT

To help families understand the quality of education their schools are delivering, each year the NYC Department of Education publishes for all school a School Quality Report that includes ratings for different categories as well as information such as student state exam results. So what does this year’s report say about 102?

We are now rated as “EXCELLENT”, the highest possible rating and one that is awarded to just a few schools across the city. Our rating last year was “GOOD”, and to see such improvement in just one year bears testament to the kinds of families and staff we have in this community. Going form GOOD to GREAT is often the hardest improvement a school can make, and we should all be very proud of doing our part in this achievement. The challenge now is to preserve this prestigious rating for years to come, and as long as we remain unsatisfied and keep improving every year, there’s no reason we can’t. 

Excellence came to Elmhurst and it’s here to stay.

Some other notable information in the School Quality Report:

-Our rating for STRONG FAMILY-COMMUNITY TIES improved from “FAIR” to “GOOD”

-Our students test result went UP around 7% for both ELA and MATH

-Our English language learners and special education students both made “EXCELLENT” progress when compared to all other schools

See the full report here.

(Last year’s report)

1st Grade Holiday Special at 102: The Gingerbread Rules

The 1st grade team–Ms. Foley, Ms. Adams, Ms. Monteleone, Ms. Wyckoff, Ms. Chin, and Ms. Soe–had every one of our students, all wearing awesome pjs, making awesome gingerbread cookies as we count down to the holidays. We’re not sure how close this is to the world record for number of gingerbread cookies made by 1st grade students wearing pajamas in a cafeteria, but I’m sure we’re pretty close to the top. No matter what, 102 cookies equal at least 102 smiles, and that’s good enough for us. Thank you, first grade!

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