Water Main Break on Queens Blvd. 10/23/15


(Photo courtesy of our investigative reporter Matthew James Borelli–all rights copyrighted)

Dear Families of 102,

Due to the water main break on Queens Blvd. today, traffic was severely congested and spilled over onto Van Horn St. We were able to contact officials to assist with planning for dismissal in case traffic cannot be re-routed away from the school. Their response was prompt and we were ready to dismiss students with an alternate plan to ensure student safety.

Fortunately, at around 1:30Pm we were notified that water levels have gone down significantly, and that we should anticipate traffic at 2:40PM. As a result, regular dismissal protocols will resume and I will be there to discuss with you if have any questions.

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and please let us know if we can help you in anyway. Have a wonderful weekend!

October 15th, 2015: Engaged Emergency Exit Protocol


Dear Families of PS/IS 102:

At approximately 10AM one of our air conditioning unit’s motor malfunctioned and caused smoke to escape into the gymnasium. In order to ensure the safety of all students, we immediately engaged in the emergency exit protocol for all students and staff to leave the building.

Thanks to routine drills and practice, this was done in a very short time and within 15 minutes all of our students were back in the classroom. Our building firemen inspected the issue and gave us clearance to continue with normal operations.

Thank you to all students and staff for your cooperation during this event and please do not hesitate to call our school at 718-446-3308 if you have any questions or concerns.

How to Get the Parent Workshops You Want



A long standing tradition at District 24 is how much we value input from the families in our community. In order to better provide all community members personalized services, our school district is reaching out to parents to determine the workshops that will be available this school year.

Please take a moment to complete the following survey to let the school district know how best to accommodate your needs:

Click Here

2015 Meet the Staff Night



Thank you, parents!

We had a great time meeting with all of you during Meet the Staff night and we can’t wait to plan for another event with you. Not only were we able to share important information about our school and programs, we were also able to gather valuable input from families. Here are some of the feedback that we’ll begin addressing immediately:

-Parents want more organization and structure during morning entry;

-Students are concerned about the time spent waiting to get food during lunch;

-Families want music programs extended to elementary grades.

These are all valid and important concerns and I will update you with more information soon. Thank you again for visiting us and we hope to see you again soon.

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