102 Comes Together to Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities


The push for inclusion–having students across a range of cognitive and physical ability learn together in one community–is a noble aspiration for any school. Asked what they fear most in schools, students most likely won’t say homework, teachers, or exams. Instead, they’ll probably talk about how they’re terrified of being excluded, made to feel different and alienated from their peers.

Unfortunately for many students with disabilities, this nightmare is a reality they experience every time they go to school.

Inclusion isn’t easy. Inclusion requires patience, selflessness, and sacrifice from everyone. For students, parents, teachers, and administrators alike, inclusion demands all of us to value the needs of others as much as our own; it demands us to willingly step into other people’s shoes.

And 102 took a big step on December 3rd, announcing loud and clear of our intentions to be inclusive through a full-day celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities. from pre-K to grade 8, almost everyone wore blue to show solidarity with those with disabilities. And more than 500 people attended a magic show organized by the families of our ASD Horizon class, learning along the way that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder are differently-abled and not dis-abled.

Ms. Meenan’s herculeean effort with her students to prepare them for a dance performance exemplifies every thing that makes her program special and effective. All the little things we educators sometimes take for granted–having students attend to you as you speak, them not being overwhelmed with exciting learning opportunities–Ms. Meenan must plan to teach explicitly and purposefully. We all owe you a great deal of gratitude for your work and the example you set; thank you, Ms. Meenan.

102 completely took over the International Day of People with Disability hashtag on instagram (#IDPD), and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you, everyone–we’ll do it again next year.

Magic Show at 102



December 3rd is the International Day for People with Disabilities and we’ll raise awareness and support for those who are differently-abled with a Magic Show. Our Parents Association have joined forces with the incredible parents of our ASD Horizon class–a class designed specifically for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder–to organize this event and it will definitely be a magical night for everyone who attends. There will be two separate shows–5:30PM and 6:30PM–and you will need tickets to enter.

And for $2 you can purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to win amazing prizes such as an iPad Mini, Motorola Smartwatch, or a pair of tickets to watch an NYCFC soccer game at the Yankee Stadium.

Tickets are almost sold out and you should contact assistant principal Atkins immediately if you’re interested in attending. She can be reached at jatkins4@schools.nyc.gov or 718-336-4408.

See you there and remember to wear blue on December 3rd!

2015 Principal’s Honor Roll (Marking Period 1)


Congrats, top achievers of marking period 1! Students who earned an average of 95% on their first report card this year were treated to a special luncheon of vietnamese sandwiches and bubble tea to celebrate and honor their achievement. Thank you to Ms. Mulé for organizing the event and to the students for being awesome. We know it’s not easy to achieve, and we can’t wait to hear in the coming weeks all about the different things that motivate each of you.

Stayed tuned everyone for some amazing work from these achievers….#AchieversWithACause

P.S. 14 girls + 6 boys = STEP YOUR GAME UP BOYS OF 102.



7th Grade Principal’s List
Jacky Cheng Li (7-303)
Christine DeCastro (7-303)
Tina Li (7-403)
Kelly Lin (7-303)
Victoria Oei (7-303)
Robin Sebastian (7-303)
Frances Sy (7-303)
Megan Yee (7-303)
Alvin Zhou (7-303)


8th Grade Principal’s List
Moises Acero (8-409)
Eishika Ahmed (8-409)
Hao Dong Deng (8-409)
Sabrina Halaka (8-409)
Sally Li (8-405)
Loretta Oei (8-409)
Anastacia Sacchione (8-409)
Syeda Tabassum (8-409)
Laura Umana (8-409)
Cheska Villar (8-409)
Ka Hui Wong (8-413)
Tracy Zhuo (8-411)



October 2015 Students of the Month


October 2015 Students of the Month:

Pre-K: Shayaan Malik; Kindergarten: Ryan Lee, Joshua Cueto, Genesis Cabrera, Keishania Igot, Samuel Solorzano, & Livia Lin; 1st Grade: Fanghan Li, Brandon Liu, Benson Xie, Queena Wei, Aaron Budiman, & Collin Chen; 2nd Grade: Cindy Wu, Xavier Barkatz, Daniel Wong, Andrew Liang, Ivan Li, & Elisha Bennett; 3rd Grade: Sarah Ramirez, Winnie Lin, Mandy Wang, Ryan Liang, & Parvinder Singh; 4th Grade: Neil Navarro, Steven Manas, Syed Ali, Luis Vallejo, & Ashley Tung; 5th Grade: Tristan Kwai, Ashley Chimborazo, Arlesha Le, Randy Carrasco, Kevin Suarez, & Timothy Suwarno, 6th Grade: Lesly Lima, Azaleah Neblett, Victoria Cai, Cindy Lo, & Grace Bae; 7th Grade: Xin Lin, Shreya Gannaram, Ivan Huang, & Ashley Lacson; 8th Grade: Angela DeLeon, Hao Dong Deng, Valentina Cuellar, Mushfigur Rahman, & Christopher Maurad

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