102 Performs at the MetLife Building


The PS/IS 102 Q 345 Chorus, Middle Schools Chorus, Guitar Ensemble and Modern Band were invited to perform as part of the Bernard Kaplan Memorial Music Program Holiday Concert Series at the MetLife Building in Manhattan. They performed a variety of holiday tunes to the delight of parents and passers by, many of which stopped by to listen to the delightful sounds. The coordinators of the event raved that the groups were a “huge smash.” Mr. Boeckmann and Mr. Bagg are extremely proud of their students’ accomplishments.


Happy Holidays, 102!


102 got together for an early holiday celebration and it was a welcome change to get everyone together outside of the auditorium or the cafeteria. Busy, stressed, and tired as we all are, we nevertheless can always find joy and cheer amongst one another as a collective. Teaching is not just hard work but heart work, and it is the joy and support we find from one another that ultimately sustains the passion we pour into students each day.

Thank you everyone for making it out and for those that didn’t, Jeanene’s fervor in her raised thumb should be enough to tell you what you missed.

Happy Holidays, 102!


102 Goes “Under the Tangled” at Queens Theatre


From Ms. Holden:

Class 3-223 and 3-234 went to see “Under The Tangle” at the Queens Theatre on Friday, December 4th. Under the Tangle is a dance-mystery about a girl who becomes lost in an labyrinth after the sudden loss of her parents. Throughout her journey, she twists along the maze being confronted with obstacles, finding numerous clues revealing life lessons and meeting unusual characters. After the show, there was a Q&A where the students were able to talk to the cast and the director and ask questions. Our students asked some great questions and had positive things to say about the performance. One student from class 3-234 even told the cast that “The show was epic”.


102 Comes Together to Celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities


The push for inclusion–having students across a range of cognitive and physical ability learn together in one community–is a noble aspiration for any school. Asked what they fear most in schools, students most likely won’t say homework, teachers, or exams. Instead, they’ll probably talk about how they’re terrified of being excluded, made to feel different and alienated from their peers.

Unfortunately for many students with disabilities, this nightmare is a reality they experience every time they go to school.

Inclusion isn’t easy. Inclusion requires patience, selflessness, and sacrifice from everyone. For students, parents, teachers, and administrators alike, inclusion demands all of us to value the needs of others as much as our own; it demands us to willingly step into other people’s shoes.

And 102 took a big step on December 3rd, announcing loud and clear of our intentions to be inclusive through a full-day celebration of the International Day of People with Disabilities. from pre-K to grade 8, almost everyone wore blue to show solidarity with those with disabilities. And more than 500 people attended a magic show organized by the families of our ASD Horizon class, learning along the way that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder are differently-abled and not dis-abled.

Ms. Meenan’s herculeean effort with her students to prepare them for a dance performance exemplifies every thing that makes her program special and effective. All the little things we educators sometimes take for granted–having students attend to you as you speak, them not being overwhelmed with exciting learning opportunities–Ms. Meenan must plan to teach explicitly and purposefully. We all owe you a great deal of gratitude for your work and the example you set; thank you, Ms. Meenan.

102 completely took over the International Day of People with Disability hashtag on instagram (#IDPD), and I couldn’t be more proud. Thank you, everyone–we’ll do it again next year.

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