The 2017 102 Carnival


Thank you to everyone who helped make this event even better then last year. It took an incredible team doing months of planning to make possible but it was all worth it to see the kids smile the way they did.

Thank you!

Paint Night is on 6/7: 3rd and 4th Grade Get Your Tickets Now!

Ms. O’Donell and Ms. Holden are ready to host another exciting night of painting on June 7th, 2017, at 4pm. Families had an amazing time last year, and you should register for a ticket as soon as possible to reserve your seat.

There will be 100 seats for 50 pairs of students and a parent. Register for a ticket here or call Ms. Pimentel at 718-446-3308 and she will be able to help you.


Fiona Gil and Valerie Budiman at the Queens Museum

After a week where the arts dominated the 102 community thanks to Shrek–where Fiona shone as Fiona, they continue to amaze as they reach the Queens Museeum. 

Fiona Gil and Valerie Budiman’s art work were selected to be displayed. Thank you students and teachers! Watch the NY 1 segment here:

PS102 at the Queens Museum

STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Ms. Vanessa Wyckoff 

Staff spotlight interview with Ms.Wyckoff by Maria Cruz and Shreya Gannaram


What do you enjoy most about your work?

 Seeing the growth that my students make.

Did anyone inspire you to become a first grade teacher?

No, I’ve always loved kids and working with them. I was always babysitting and helping kids with homework and seeing them succeed.

Would you recommend your career to others?

Yes, if you like kids. It’s very rewarding.

What other jobs did you have before coming to this school?

I worked at a charter school, and that’s where I learned a lot of great skills.

What is your goal as a teacher? Do you think you already achieved it? 

My goal is for my students to be on grade level and ready to succeed in the next grade level. At this point of the year, 80% or my kids are at grade level. We are on the path to achieve it.

What is the most difficult and easiest part of your job?

Seeing students struggle, and there is nothing easy about being a teacher. It takes a lot of planning and time. It’s really hard thinking about misconceptions kids might have.

What have your experiences with children been like? 

I’ve always been with kids. I worked at day camps, children’s clothing stores, and daycare. My experiences have always been positive and kids always trust me.

What personality traits does your career require you to have?

 You have to be organized, trustworthy, hardworking, and patient.

What is your favorite food? 

I love Greek food. Chicken gyro salad with tzatziki on the side is my favorite!

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