TOWN HALL MEETING 10AM, Monday, November 20th

Dear Families of PS/IS102Q,

I was made aware that The Daily News published a news article around noon citing that two of our students were taken by the police after making a school threat to injure other students.

We found a notebook two weeks ago with highly questionable content. Our School Climate Team members immediately jumped into action and we were able to identify the authors. Guided by our school’s Threat Assessment Protocol, we quickly gathered extensive information relating to these students and then shared them with the Police Department. Officials then determined that there were no credible threat.

The central inquiry for school threat assessment is whether a student posed a threat, not whether they made a threat. A threat made by a 10 year old and the exact same threat made by a military-trained, armed individual carry vastly different significance, and the response to each will not be the same. Should we determine that there is even hint of potential danger to our students, our school will immediately contact families and engage in the appropriate actions.

Student safety and clear communication to families are core values of 102, and we plan on speaking with our families in greater detail the first moment we are able to. We invite all families to join us for a special Town Hall Meeting at 10AM Monday, November 20th.

I look forward to sharing with you findings that I am sure will reduce any lingering stress or anxiety.

Should you have any immediate concerns, please email me at and I will do my best to address them.



William Ko. Principal

PA Re-Election November 15th, 2017

Dear Families of PS/IS 102Q,

Due to technical errors during the election of officers for the Parent Association of our school a new election will be held on Wednesday November 15,  2017 at 8:30 AM.   Parents will be electing a President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.  Nominations will be taken from the floor and are open to any parent interested in running.  The election will be facilitated by Eleanor McNamee, the District 24 Family Leadership Coordinator.

On Wednesday,  November 29, 2017 at 8:30 AM we will be having an additional Parents Association meeting to ratify the proposed bylaws as well as voting on this year’s  Parent Association Proposed Budget.

These are very important meetings and I look forward to seeing you.


William Ko, Principal

This Halloween, 102 Chooses Treats (and Love)

Dear Families of PS/IS 102Q,

Sometimes the world can seem incredibly scary, especially when we come across news–as we did this Halloween–that someone had caused harm to others solely for this purpose.

People often hurt one another because they are hurt themselves, and they don’t know how to stop the pain. It’s never an excuse, but I can’t help but think that people cause harm only because they never had the chance to learn how to live any other way.

Hate and fear spreads quickly because they need little effort: a quick Facebook post, a hurtful message on Twitter, a rude insult; it takes nothing to cause a great deal of hurt.

Love and kindness, however, spread only through shared experiences and countless sacrifices. You can’t tell someone you care about them by commenting on their Instagram make clear to the people you love by showing up everyday, and never choosing to do anything but support them. The target of hate can change at a whim anytime, but what you love today you will most likely always care about.

For NYC, many will remember Halloween 2017 as a day of fear and uncertainty. Our students, however, will remember Mario Karts racing down the hallway, Candy Wrappers doing ridiculous photo poses, Jellyfishes bouncing all over the first floor, life-size Dunkin Donuts cups and so much more. 

They will remember a day of joy, love, and community. This is who we are and what we do, and this is why I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of the 102 family.

Students: the world is like a long, dark tunnel where we all carry our own tiny flashlight with no extra batteries. If we lived fearfully, we wait for others to expend their batteries, aimlessly pointing tiny lights that disappear into the vast darkness.

But when everyone chooses to light up at the same time, the dark tunnel will suddenly not seem so dark after all. It will be obvious which direction to go next, and the group of lights will simply move forward, together.

I promise you that 102 will be lit, always. And soon we’ll count on you to help us light up the rest of the world.

With Love,

William Ko, Principal

A veces, el mundo puede parecer terriblemente aterrador, especialmente cuando encontramos noticias como las de ayer, que durante el Halloween, una persona perjudicó a otras con el único propósito de hacer daño.

Con frecuencia, las personas se lastiman unas a otras porque ellas mismas están heridas y no saben cómo aliviar su dolor. Esto jamás será una excusa, pero no puedo dejar de pensar que dichas personas causan daño simplemente porque nunca tuvieron la oportunidad de aprender a vivir de otra forma.

El odio y el miedo se extienden rápidamente porque necesitan poco esfuerzo: una breve publicación en Facebook, un mensaje hiriente en Twitter o un insulto no requieren mucho, pero pueden causar un gran daño y lastimar profundamente.

Por otro lado, el amor y la bondad se transmiten sólo mediante el contacto personal, la proximidad y diferentes experiencias compartidas. No podemos decirle a los demás que nos preocupamos por ellos con solo comentar en su Instagram. Demostramos nuestro amor a las personas estando presentes todos los días para apoyarlos . Lo que se odia ahora puede cambiar en cualquier momento, pero lo que hoy amas seguramente siempre te importará.

Para algunos, quizás el Halloween del 2017 será recordado como un momento de miedo e inseguridad, pero para nuestros estudiantes sus recuerdos serán Mario Karts corriendo por el pasillo, envolturas de dulce haciendo poses graciosas para las fotos , gomitas de dulce rebotando en el primer piso, tazas de Dunkin Donuts de tamaño natural y mucho más .

Recordarán un día de alegría, amor y comunidad. Es por este motivo que no podría estar más orgulloso de ser un miembro de la familia 102.

Estudiantes: el mundo es como un túnel largo y oscuro donde cada uno lleva una pequeña lámpara y apenas un par de baterías. Si vivimos atemorizados, y sólo esperamos a que alguien gaste sus baterías, nuestras diminutas luces desaparecerán en la oscuridad, y hasta habrá quienes se molesten con otros cuando estos traten de mirar hacia donde ellos alumbren.

Pero si todos elegimos iluminar al mismo tiempo, de inmediato, ese túnel dejará de ser tan oscuro. El camino a seguir se verá completamente claro, sabremos cual es el próximo paso a seguir y todo el grupo de luces avanzará al tiempo.

Les prometo que 102 estará encendida siempre. Y pronto contaremos con ustedes para que nos ayuden a iluminar el resto del mundo.

Con amor,

 William Ko, Principal

The 2017 P4P Team is Looking for More Members!

Parents 4 Parents (P4P) is a 102 all-parent team that meets with the school leadership once a month to communicate needs, wants, and ideas to better serve our children. To better accommodate all parents, we host two sessions: one in the AM before arrivals, and one just before dismissal.

We would welcome a “class parent” from each class, and we are looking for parents who would like to join this year’s team. Stay informed and help other parents stay informed!

Please email AP Sheerin to find out more!

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