8th-Grade Art Update: December 2017

In December with Ms. Leibowitz, the 8th grade art students will complete their preparatory sketches and will then start drawing their self-portraits, using direct observation. Direct observation requires using proportions and measuring alongside the development of hand to eye coordination. Line quality, value, and shading techniques will be explored to render three-dimensional forms. After drawing their self-portraits, using mirrors, the art students will develop a background space to convey a personal narrative. Once the self-portrait unit is complete, the students will explore drawing and painting figures in a landscape.

6th Grade ELA Update: December 2017

In E.L.A. class, the sixth grade has completed their end of unit assessments for Unit 1: Cities of Gold. Students that presented their speeches did an amazing job. Their speeches truly answered the unit’s essential question, “Why does place matter?”

Sixth grade is beginning their first novel study, Wonder, by R.J. Polacio. It is an amazing book that permits many opportunities for deep class discussion. The essential questions that will be focused on and discussed throughout the unit are: “What can we do to be more accepting of differences?” “How can we show others respect?” and “What is the impact of bullying on the victim?”  Parents, perhaps when children arrive home from school, you can ask your child to tell you about what they read in school that day. Discuss how the essential questions mentioned above not only apply to the book, but in our daily lives as well.


Ms. Kelly’s Spanish classes learned about El día de los Muertos

Students in Ms. Kelly’s Spanish classes learned about El día de los Muertos and created their own decorations!


As we enter the holiday season, students at PS102Q will continue learning about the different holidays that are celebrated in Spanish speaking countries around the world. Everyone loved learning about El día de los Muertos and creating their own decoration! They will also learn how to use expressions like “Me gusta & Me encanta”, to express things that they enjoy in life (ex. favorite hobby or subject). They will continue expanding their vocabulary and working on developing complete sentences that they can share both verbally and in writing.

8th-Grade ELA Update: December 2017

8th graders debate who has the best chance of survival on a deserted island.

This month in 8th-grade ELA with Ms. Arlequin and Ms. Green, we will begin our first novel study in ELA. We’ll read the classic adventure story Lord of the Flies and hone the reading skills we’ve been practicing this year. Students will answer the essential question “How does the use of symbolism help us understand human nature?” through discussion and writing. Students will read independently at home and come to class prepared to deeply discuss and analyze the reading to develop a deeper understanding of the important issues in the text. After studying these important books, students will end the unit by writing an analytic essay where they analyze the symbols used in the texts and how we can interpret them to help us relate to the themes.

Students should be reading every day for 20-30 minutes, so please make sure your child has a quiet place and consistent time to read.