The Power of ONE

Many of our students participated in an Anti-Bullying presentation entitled “The Power of One”. It was a live production with student participation using colored masks portraying what bullying is, what can be done about it, and how every child has the Power to report and deal with bullying. They presented scenes that showed the roles of bullying, (bully, target, bystander), types of bullying,(physical, cyber, exclusion), the types of bystander behavior(watching, cheering, ignoring) and the proper actions that should be taken,(reporting, informing to stop, walking away, assisting the target by intervening).

The “Power of One” provided the strong visual image to our students that they have the power and ability not to be a bystander, making our PS/IS 102 Community a better and safe place. This message coincides with our 102 saying, “Think for yourself and care for others”.

-K. Babakitis, School Counselor

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