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102 KNOW: JAN 2017


December 2016 Students of the Month

Pre-K: Emma Gurang & Patrick Tjahjanegara; Kindergarten: Gigi Goh, Reese Mecaral, Lucy Lin, Albert DeCastro, & Jessie Liu; First Grade: Jack Peng, Vanpercy Lacson, Darrell Tung, Olivia Zheng, & Criss Angel Babanto; Second Grade: Don Mendoza, Aden Montero, Elianna Calvo, Neeko Delos Santos, Madelyn Castillo, & Raj Peetam; Third Grade: Josue Acero, Freddie Zhoe, Kevin Yeung, Luke Rizaldo, Misha Bhuiyan, & Julien Wolff; Fourth Grade: Nyomi Le, Kayla Li, Kyle Delos Santos, Marcus Poh, & Rennie Fernando; Fifth Grade: Giovanny Galindo, Ian Zheng, Sandra Rosas, Steven Lin, AmyRuth Rubio, & Princess Flores; Sixth Grade: Arvin Fernando, Sara Andrade, Angel De Leon, Grace Lum, & Henry Chang; Seventh Grade: Hazel Fan, Brandon Bosch, Ying Yu Ma, Avary Kwai, & Lizbeth Diaz; Eighth Grade: Felix Alvarez, Anthony Chan, Jason Cao, Prootha Patel, & Jia Qi Liu

2016-2017 102 Eagles Basketball Game Schedule

Eagles Basketball Home Games: 

Date: Opponent: Time: Date:
1/6/17 IS 73Q (Varsity) 4:00PM 1/13/17 All Day *Scheduled by PA
1/13/17 304Q CS (Girls) 4:00PM
1/20/17 IS 61Q (JV) 4:00PM
1/23/17 IS 230Q (Girls) 4:15PM 
1/30/17 185? (JV) 4:15PM
2/3/17 IS 61Q (Varsity) 4:00PM 
2/6/17 192? (JV) 4:15PM 
2/10/17 705K CS (Girls) 4:00PM
2/13/17 311K (Varsity) 4:15PM