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What is TechFlex?

One of the new features in grades 3-5 this year, in addition to returning to theTeachers College Reading & Writing Project and introducing Go Math!, is the inclusion of an AIS/Tech Flex period. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Tech Flex (in 6th grade) is a dedicated time for your child’s teacher to work with your child at their instructional level by focusing on the core skills of literacy and mathematics. Teachers step away from the whole class structure to work with groups of students on vital skills that lay the foundation for success measured in short-term cycles of assessment. Teachers teach a skill, students work on the skill, and the teacher tests the skills. This is repeated for each student until they reach a Mastery level.

P.S./I.S. 102Q is using both Lexia (1-5) and Achieve3000 (6-8) in literacy and Khan Academy (K-8) in math to create a system of measurable and trackable goals for each student. The guess work of what academic areas your child succeeds in and needs a little more practice in are removed. This information can be shared with classroom teachers, the student, an AIS specialist, and you. The added benefit is that these programs also work from home or on the go from a tablet or a Smartphone. Not sure of the homework? Have your child log in to his or her accounts and let them work on each site for at least 20 minutes. You now have peace of mind that your child is working on skills and standards that they need in both reading and math.

Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are unsure of your child’s username and password and never hesitate to ask how your child is progressing in these core subject areas.

A Week of Celebrations

What a week of celebrations! Last week many classes celebrated the kick off to Chinese New Year including making masks, sharing Chinese stories, eating cultural foods, and a Pre-K parade! Students in first and second grade celebrated the end of their respective literacy units by sharing their writing pieces and practicing their new found fluency with other classes. This class co-mingling was so nice to see and the students were really excited. Classes are excited to be starting new units this coming week, as we work with Teachers College the next 3 Fridays.

102KNOW, ISSUE 2: February 2017


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January 2017 Students of the Month

Pre-K: Eli Mendoza & Avery Husmillo; Kindergarten: Alicia Diaz, Angela Yang, Aida Pastora, Robina Basnet, & Andres Pachon; First Grade: Myia Smalls, Jennifer Peralta, Ivy Chan, Joey Zhang, & Selam Yildirim; Second Grade: Sara Cruz, Collin Chen, Maxine Morte, Elmeira Wiguna, Jigme Tsering, & Alfred Garcia; Third Grade: Nora Oo, Elvin Chen, Alice Song, Alyssa DeCastro, Emily Gou, & Sebastian Tong; Fourth Grade: Aaron Tan, Jaden Zheng, Emily Cui, Wania Arif, and Sarah Choe; Fifth Grade: Neil Navarro, Iram Kajani, Benny Chen, Erika Yeung, & Anson Cao; Sixth Grade: Mingma Sherpa, Rojina Basnet, Denise Diaz, Stacey Hyuhn, Kaylee Casas, & Ethan Setiawan; Seventh Grade: Cindy Lo, Alexza Arcega, Janine Arias, Rayyan Bhuiyan, & Melissa Cumbe; Eighth Grade: Celine Cabal, Amy Zheng, Jessica Li, & Xin Lin