Each month 102 publishes a newsletter for all families to be informed. These are full issues for easy viewing on any device. To have the content translated into your preferred language, please read each article here.

The First-Ever 102 Soccer Team

Samantha Torres, Felix Alvarez, Melissa Builles. Aldrin Belisha, Enzo Sangio, Robin Sebastian, Joshua Triana , Eric Sanchez, Youssef Khallouf, Andrei Ionescu, Aaron Custudo, Faris Elhebany Moncho Ambida , Cindy Lo, Lesly Lima, Arlisha Li, Ryan Li, Nicholas Carrasco, Kevin Torres Maurice Farfan, Randy Carrasco

COACHES: Ms.McCabe, Mr. McManus

Canadian Tactical Director: Mr. Vyas

February 2017 Students of the Month

Pre-K: Usman Shaikh & Benjamin Montoya; Kindergarten: Darren Chen, Kevin Reyes, Kate Ganzhi, Nathan Kyaw, & Oxley Ochoa; First Grade: May Khaing, Eric Zhuo, Suleman Khan, Mario Camela, & Michael Cuizon; Second Grade: Angie Pastora, Kimberly Rosas, Isabella Calastretti, Nathaniel Suarez, & Stefany Velasquez; Third Grade: Jazmin Vazques, Nathan Tapang, Goewyn Sudikdo, Sebastian Tapia, Esmeralda Torres, & Emily Cruz; Fourth Grade: Tayyaba Aziz, Shayla Bautista, Ava Lee, Sky Lin, & Jazmine Garcia; Fifth Grade: Mishca Rey, Jason Claros, Karina Martinez, Alisha Siddiqui, & John Romano; Sixth Grade: Angelica Velazquez, Kelly Fong, Yerik Farias, David Lai, Juliette Viera, & Brandon Paucar; Seventh Grade: Joseph Flores, Mandy Guo, Yong Jia Cao, Megan Leon, & Alessandra Cortes; Eighth Grade: Eric Sanchez, Jason Cao, Kevin Lui, & Mohammad Maitla

The 102 School Climate Team

(Clockwise from top-left) Ms. Babakitis/ Grade 3-5 Guidance Ms. Wright/ Grade K-2 Climate Leader Mr. Bein/ Grade 6-8 Climate Leader Ms. Pearlman/ Grade 6-8 Guidance Ms. Mulé/ School Climate Supervisor Ms. Ferrari/ Dean of School Climate Ms. Arduini/ Grade K-2 Guidance Ms. Nova/ Grade 3-6 Climate Leader Ms. Cook/ Social Worker

Tuning the School’s Temperature for Kindness and Love

After a few months of testing things out and making adjustments, we are proud to announce that the 102 School Climate Team (SCT) is fully ready for business. Some people see the word climate and think this team’s job is to monitor the temperature of the building, to turn up the heat when it gets too cold and to blast the air conditioners during the warmer months.

That’s not the case.

Their work involves the emotional climate of our students. Research have consistently demonstrated that emotional intelligence, the ability to recognize and effectively manage and respond to emotions of self and of others, is as important as any academic abilities or test scores. It doesn’t matter how much we know if we don’t know how to use it. We all feel sad, angry, happy, and many other emotions, and they can get in the way of us showing our best selves. The most successful people in the world are those that can manage their emotions to do what needs to be done, and the SCT is here to help students become people who can do just that.

Their 2 focus goals:

1) To help students develop their ability to recognize and manage their emotions to promote positive outcomes (when someone accuses you of soemthing you didn’t do, do you lash out and start yelling? Or do you respectfully ask the accuser for evidence and gently suggest that a mistake was made?)

2) To monitor and respond to the emotional climate of our students. Which students are having a hard time emotionally? Who needs a reminder on how to not let negative emotions consume them? How can we make sure all students are emotionally ready to learn?

By meeting their two main goals, they’ll fulfill their true mission: To teach students how to care for others, and care for themselves. In short, the SCT is here to teach students how to love.

Gaffan’s (Student) Council

Mrs. Gaffan has been working tirelessly all year with out Middle School Student Council to make students more socially aware of what they can do to improve the quality of life of people in our neighborhood, as well as globally. Beginning in October, the student council has run numerous fundraising activities starting with Treats for Troops and most recently with Pennies for Patients. The students have learned valuable lessons about how far their help has gone to help others. This is just a small sample of the amazing hearts that all of the students at PS/IS 102.