About 102


Think for Yourself; Care for Others.

These six words drive everything we do here at 102. We have faith in the human spirit; we believe that when we think for ourselves and listen to the still small voice within each of us, we can be nothing but kind and compassionate, and the kind of people we want our students to become. To build a kinder future, we simply have to focus on helping our students find and obey the one voice that truly matters—their own.

Students do not find their inner voices just by underlining texts and constructing one short response after another. Students discover their core only when they think and examine inward as they prepare to engage outward. The facilitation of this student introspection is our most important work, and all of our school systems—discipline, curriculum, and even hiring—are designed to maximize student thinking.

Think for yourself; care for others. It’s what we do at PS/IS102.