8th-Grade ELA Update: December 2017

8th graders debate who has the best chance of survival on a deserted island.

This month in 8th-grade ELA with Ms. Arlequin and Ms. Green, we will begin our first novel study in ELA. We’ll read the classic adventure story Lord of the Flies and hone the reading skills we’ve been practicing this year. Students will answer the essential question “How does the use of symbolism help us understand human nature?” through discussion and writing. Students will read independently at home and come to class prepared to deeply discuss and analyze the reading to develop a deeper understanding of the important issues in the text. After studying these important books, students will end the unit by writing an analytic essay where they analyze the symbols used in the texts and how we can interpret them to help us relate to the themes.

Students should be reading every day for 20-30 minutes, so please make sure your child has a quiet place and consistent time to read.